Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ruptured udder

We ran a doe through our Papa handler to insert a CIDR. She was very tame. Once in the handler she kicked violently until the hood was on and she calmed down. When she came out, her bag was loose and hanging.

The next day, her bag was swollen. We were able to milk her while she stood in the pen. She had a little blood in the front quarters. There are many blood vessels in the udder area and we assume some of these had ruptured. We started her on antibiotics and Banamine using our veterinarians' suggestions.

After two weeks, the sides of the udder were raw where her legs had been rubbing. She seemed to be developing sores that we thought may be abscesses. We put her back in the handler to inspect and doctor it. Once she was in the handler and she was squeezed in the wedge, her bag ruptured and the entire bottom opened up. Several pieces of baseball sized tissue came out with bloody liquid. There must have been an abscess inside the bag. We disinfected the area and sprayed it with AlumShield to protect it. The next morning she had cleaned all of the Alum coating off.

We kept her on antibiotics and sprayed for insect control. She gradually healed and within 2 weeks was almost back to normal. She may not be able to produce milk next year but her genetics are good enough that we'll bottle feed her fawns if necessary.

If she had not been tame, we may not have been able to save her. Being persistent after an injury can end with good results. Tame animals make treating them more successful as well.

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