Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lighting for Moving Deer

Lighting for moving deer. Most of you that handle deer probably know how important it is to have the proper lighting to assist moving deer. But I still talk to some that don't realize it. Even during the day, if your handling system is dark, lighting can help. The red lights are great for viewing the deer without spooking 7them but the white light is what makes the deer easier to move. We have 17 holding pens by the barn connected to a 10' alley. If I'm moving them at night, I'll have lights at the end of the alley close to the barn. In the chute system, we put white lights on where we want the deer to go but not at the opening. When the get to the end of the alley we have a guillotine get entering the chute system. If it's dark they will look in the chute but hesitate going in. They go in much quicker if they can see the light ahead of them. Annette bought some LED lights about the size of a pack of cigarettes at Tractor Supply marked down to $3. The have a hook on them that swivels so you can hang it on the fence or something and rotate it to point in the direction you want them to go. Don't have the lights facing back toward the deer. Hope this helps.

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