Monday, January 14, 2013

Max Factor Semen For Sale

Max Factor scored 260" on his solid 7x8 main frame in 2012 and 360" gross.  He was 27 3/4 inches wide. 


Max Factor was a hit at the 2013 Top 30 sale.  Seeing his antlers in person caused quite a few jaw dropping expressions.  Contact me by commenting on this post for semen pricing.

This is Double Flees Green 36!
Green 36 is the sire to 500+ Walks New Image and the sire to 500+ King of the Mountain's Mother.
King of the Mountain scored 523 4/8 and is 1st Place at NADeFA this year.

Max Factor:
Built for Production with Maxbo over the great Flees line of does!
Add Maxbo on top of these does and you get!
Production! Production! Production!

This foundation produces well!! Take a look at the stats: 

G110 BB
G110 womb sister (G112) is the grandmother to Battle Ridge’s Mobster
(291”@3, 230” Main Frame) Mobster is one of the largest framed 3 year olds ever. G110 + G112 are the infamous BB Does, they are Little Boomer daughters and some of the best producing does on the Flees Farm.

Dolly Y 10
Dolly is the Dam to Flees Rocky (400”+ @ 5) and Showtime (359” @2, 60points). She is one of the best producing does on the Flees farm. She has 5 sons; they score 230”@5, 269”@4, 404”@5, 230+@3, and 359”@2.Flees Primetimes (308” @3, 27 Inside Spread) mother is a full sister to Dolly!! Dean Borntrager has the twin sister to Primetime's mom. She has been a great producer for Dean.

She is the Dam of Levi Weavers Road Runner (283”@4, 6x6 mainframe, and 24” inside spread).

She has produced 4 sons over 200” by the age of three, she is also the mother of Willy Swareys Palmwood (250 3/8” @ 2) and Will Ainsworths Déjà vu. (350+” @4). Lester Byler now owns déjà vu, he bought it from Will in the summer of 2011

Pretty Girl
This is Flees Green 36 Womb Sister! She has three sons over 240”. Green 36 has produced some giants such as New Image (500+inches) King of the Mountain (523 4/8") grandson, Reggie (
294”@4) and 36 Special (261”@ 2).

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