Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dixiebelle, our pygmy goat, pushing me in a wagon

Dixiebelle likes to push.  When I'm in my shop mixing feed for our deer she will push me all over the shop in a wagon.  She's a little goat but she's strong!! 


  1. We have a whitetail deer farm and I also want to add to our farm pygmy goats, for health reasons of both I would like to know if it is ok for them to be together?

    1. The pygmies could be injured by the deer. Bucks can be very aggressive during the rut and does during fawning. Internal parasites may be worse and a vet at LSU said goats are very susceptible to internal parasites so you'd need a good deworming program. Deer feed is too strong for goats and Dixiebelle would probably eat enough to kill her. Basic vaccinations would be a good idea. Hope this helps.