Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Food Plots

Food plots can greatly increase the nutrition deer get on your hunting property.  Keep in mind that they can devastate your plants before they become established.  Areas planted must be big enough to withstand intense grazing pressure or they need to be protected.  I've had good results with electric fencing if done properly.  I do consulting through my Deer Man Consulting. You can follow me on Facebook at Deer Man Consulting 

  • Forage soybeans produce more leaf tonnage than crop beans. 
      • Eagle Seed in Arkansas developed a forage soybean mix.  These beans can grow to over 6 feet high and have over 40% leaf protein.    Game Keeper RR is a custom, blend containing both forage types, climbing soybean, and soybean varieties that are tall, high yielding
        and broadly adapted for your geography. The blend
        features varieties which mature at different times
        and allow the deer to feed on both mature
        soybean and green leaf tissue. You will get
        high tonnage, excellent browse tolerance
        and great seed yield all in one bag. 

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