Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whitetail Rack Ranch 2-year old bucks

These are some of our 2-year old bucks that we are breeding with for 2010.  We AI'd to X-Factor and sold X-Factor semen in several states. 
Rambeaux has an estimated 30" outside spread with 23 points.  He is backing up the does we AI'd to X-Factor.

VooDoo is a High Roller grandson.  He had severe damage several times to his antlers this year.  It really set him back.  VooDoo had over 20 points as a yearling.

Captain Crunch wasn't bottle fed but he is as tame as if he were.  He gets very mean once the does start coming in heat though.  I truly believe he would go from eating cookies from my hand to wanting to kill me once the girls are ready to breed.

Winchester is very agressive to the other bucks when the does come into estrous.  He has a mostly typical rack that we're excited about.  He may not have the biggest score but he has good main beam length, width, tine length and mass.

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