Thursday, December 30, 2010

X-Factor Semen

X-Factor became the new world record white-tailed deer being the first to officially score over 500".  He scored 509 6/8" at just 3 years old.  We believe X-Factor will become the Secretariat of the deer world with his huge size and clean look.  He's not a fluke.  X-Factor is backed by a strong pedigree without any weak lines (see his pedigree below).  He's already producing some great yearlings. 

We are the authorized agent for semen sales for X-Factor.  Semen we sell was collected at the farm and stored at the collector's facility.  Semen has never changed hands and it will sell at the farm price without mark-up.  You will not be buying semen from someone in another state that bought semen early when he was a yearling and is trying to resell it.  I can attest from the does we bred and the vets that did our Lap AI that the semen quality is considered excellent.  Our vets said X-Factor's semen was unusually high in its quality. 

Email me to get X-Factor semen today.  Prices will surely go up so bank yours now!!!!

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