Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sullivan Veterinary Clinic in Winnsboro, Louisiana

I've worked with several veterinarians in Louisiana when the need arises for managing the health of my whitetails.  I recently had my first experience with Dr. Chris Sullivan, DVM at Sullivan Veterinary Clinic in Winnsboro, Louisiana.  I was pleasantly surprised with the attention I received in assisting me with two sick fawns.  I've had veterinarians that have been willing to help but they just didn't have experience with whitetails.  Dr. Chris not only has some deer familiarity but he has a great contact to assist him.  His brother, Brad Sullivan, owns Sullivan Whitetail Ranch near Dallas, TX.  Brad has a large breeding operation raising some great whitetails, but more importantly for me, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Dr. Chris consults with Brad on cases that may be complicated.  Having a veterinarian close by is important but expertise with deer health issues is another qualification you should look for.  With so few veterinarians in Louisiana having knowledge of white-tailed deer, I highly recommend seeking your health care needs from Dr. Sullivan.  Contact information is:
Sullivan Veterinary Clinic
6355 Hwy. 4
Winnsboro, Louisiana 71295

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 789

Phone: 318-435-4585
Fax: 318-435-7965
Email: info@sullivanvet.com
website: www.sullivanvet.com

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