Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buck Saver Deer Handler

Watch this video to see the new Buck Saver Deer Handler that is already revolutionizing the way we handle deer.

The Buck Saver Deer Handler is a revolutionary new method for handling deer.  It was developed by Russ Bellar, owner of X-Factor.  Russ has had the unfortunate experience, like many of us, of losing valuable deer because of complications from traditional tranquilization methods.  A study on red deer in South America revealed that traditional tranquilizers compromise immune system response for 30 days following tranquilizing.  If our expensive whitetails don't die during the process, we worry about complications that follow.  The longer the deer is down, the greater the risk of aspiration of rumenal fluids.  Even leaving deer off feed overnight doesn't eliminate the risk.  Some vets have required as much as 36 hours off feed.

Russ decided to take a proactive approach to prevent the risk while collecting semen.  He worked with two of my Amish friends, Raymond and David Graber, to design and build a handler that a buck can be collected in by converting to a table.  A simple idea that makes me slap my head and say, "Why didn't I think of that".  It's not that unusual for Russ though because he's a person that thinks outside the box. 

Russ worked with Harry Latshaw who has many years of animal anesthesia experience at Purdue University. He developed an apparatus to administer gas to deer.  Russ incorporated this into his handler system.  As the video shows, the buck is sedated quickly, the work is done safely to collect him and the buck wakes up quickly when the mask is removed.  Russ timed the process after removing the mask.  He said from the time the gas is removed the animals are in their pens in 3 minutes with no signs of having been sedated.  Russ considers this new method safe and proves it by several trials using the world record X-Factor.

I have to complement the entire team on their work.  In my opinion, this will revolutionize the way deer are handled. Presently, if I have a deer with foot rot, I try shooting a Draxxin dart to clear it up.  I hesitate tranquilizing animals, especially if the immune system is suppressed with tranquilizer drugs.  I don't want to create a poor immune system response for a sick deer that needs to be functioning at peak efficiency.  I won't delay active treatment in the handler with this new system.  It will be so simple to run a deer in, give it the gas and perform anything that needs to be done even something as simple as hoof trimming.  Imagine how easy it will be to take better care of our animals without the fears we presently have. 

Come see us at the NADeFA Convention in March in Nashville.  See how this new handler can benefit you.  Russ will be in the booth with me to discuss its operation.  We'll have mounts of X-Factor too!!  Come see us up front in Booth 201.

E-mail Me for information on this revolutionary method of deer handling and X-Factor semen sales.

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