Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Louisiana Deer for Sale

At Whitetail Rack Ranch we have deer for every budget.  We started at our bottom end with 200"+ genetics for the shooter buck market.  The bucks from those does produce clean, mostly typical antlers with just enough kickers, stickers and splits to add some character and bump up the score.  These are the bucks hunters look for.

We also have our high-end breeding.  We bred our 300" and 400"+ does to X-Factor in 2010.  He's expected to go over 600" for 2011. 

Most animals in our operation have been born here including all of our 3-yr old breeder bucks.  Our foundation stock went through one of the worst EHD cases that Louisiana has had in recent years a few years ago.  Yes, we lost some, but everything that remains is a survivor. 

We have all classes and ages for sale.
  • Buck and Doe Fawns
  • Fall 2011 open or bred does
    • Does from our shooter buck pen will be bred to some of the country's top mid-250" class main frame bucks that have also been top producers.
    • Our other does will be bred with several AI bucks ranging from clean 300" class to the 600" X-Factor.  Or, they will be bred to our top breeder bucks by live cover.
  • Shooter bucks:
    • our does producing our shooter bucks give us bucks with nice clean frames with just enough kickers, stickers and splits to create character and bump up the scores.  These are the bucks that hunters are looking for.
  • We may sell one or two breeder bucks this year
  • Our bred does normally sell out before the breeding season starts
  • Semen Sales
    • We have semen available for immediate delivery from the top new hot bucks
      • X-Factor was 509 6/8" in 2010 and is expected to be over 600" in 2011
      • Rocky should finish about the 500" mark
      • Geyser will be a nice clean 300"
      • Gold Dust should finish high in the 400s or close to 500"
      • X-treme, an X-Factor 2-yr old should finish high in the 200s
      • We will collect some of our WRR bucks this fall.  We've sold out of current stock on our own bucks.
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  1. We have a few more bred does for sale from our 2011 breeding as of 2/24/2012. Some are AI'd and some live bred. We sold 40 shooter bucks in February. Let me know if you want some great does.