Friday, September 30, 2011

EHD and BT Symptoms in Whitetails

Symptoms of EHD and BT are the same.  The viruses are different but common vectors carry it.  Some deer never show symptoms and get over it.  Some never show symptoms and are dead the next day.  After an incubation period, several days to one week, the animal becomes infected at varying levels.  The symptoms of both viruses are:

  • Extensive hemorrhaging and sudden death.
  • Sick and dead animals found near water (because of high fever)
  • Swelling of face, tongue, neck and eyelids
  • Bloody discharges may come from nose, mouth and rectum
  • Extensive hemorrhaging in many tissues and internal organs
  • Ulcers in mouth tongue and stomachs
  • Lameness/ Cracked, overgrown hooves occur after the disease has been present and may take a number of days to a couple of weeks to start showing up.
  • One of the symptoms that a deer has had EHD is that the coronary band at the top of the hoof will be very red. The normal color is a sort of clear gray. You may have to move the hair back from the hoof to be able to see it. Sometimes it's so noticeable that you can see it if you get close enough and use binoculars without having to touch the deer. After you see this sign you may eventually notice hoof sloughing or the deer may just walk tenderly because of pain in the hooves.

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  1. I havent noticed any of these signs as of yet !
    I will keep my eyes open !
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