Monday, August 6, 2012

EHD research on the Culicoides sp. midge

I'm trapping insects every 2 weeks until it freezes for the summer and fall of 2012 at our Whitetail Rack Ranch for LSU.  LSU established a new Wildlife Institute under their Ag Dept and will be doing intensive EHD research.  If you have information on which species of the Culicoides are in your area at various times of the year and which serotype of EHD or BT please let me know.  The data will be valuable to their study.  They have suggested that the reason the current vaccines are not very effective is that there is a component that is yet undiscovered causing the infectious stage of the virus.  LSU has injected the pure virus into deer without them getting sick.  Culicoides biting the deer does get them sick.  They believe there is something going on with the insect that causes the infection.  It could be a component of the saliva.  A breakthrough in what triggers the virus to become infectious will be a huge step towards producing a vaccine that can be challenge tested.  If it works, we can all benefit from an effective vaccine.  I'll be happy to forward information to them but it has to be EHD cases that have been verified through a diagnostic lab.  Thanks!!!

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