Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Keep Deer from Being Afraid of Darting

Make Darting Deer Easier I pulled a dead doe and dead fawn out today. More EHD. Getting used to the stench of death. Darted 7. One young buck comes up for cookies. I darted him out the front door with it barely cracked open after I through him a pile of cookies. As a note for those who dart, everyone knows how difficult it can be to dart multiple times. Even others in the pen start to get nervous. I like to shoot from inside the truck with the gun propped low on the door frame in an open window. As soon as I dart I start throwing cookies. Often the darted deer comes up with the dart still hanging out to eat them. I get out with the gun while they are eating so they can see it while they are getting treats. I studied deer behavior for two masters degrees and that education included studies on many animal behaviors. I took two courses on training horses through behavior modification. Darting is a negative stimulus. Feeding cookies is a positive one. Feeding cookies after darting reinforces a positive influence that will help override the negative one. I'm getting plenty of practice but I'd like for it to be over!!!

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