Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Pyrenees Puppies are Great

We have 5 Great Pyrenees puppies. They are 9 weeks old and have been weaned for 3 weeks. The puppies are still together in a pen with our white-tailed deer. The deer and puppies are doing well together. The puppies follow us as we ride through the pen in our mini-truck. They wait at the corner as we leave to go to the next pen and remain until we return. They rarely go through a gate since I have been training them to remain in the pen unless I allow them out. They have been amazing. They are exploring all over the 18 acre pen. One caught a mouse and ate it while we were watching! I'm not sure if she thought it was a predator and needed to be eliminated. They are inquisitive and independent. I think they'll work out great when we separate them into there own deer pens.

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