Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Louisiana Buck and Doe Fawns for Sale

We will be selling bred does for a couple of more weeks. After that we'll be selling yearling does and bucks as well as buck and doe fawns. Most of what we will sell is from our 200" genetics stock. We will have a very few fawns that may be available from some of our yearlings. VooDoo, with a High Roller background, will have one buck fawn and one doe fawn available for $7500/each. These fawns will be great for adding the High Roller look to your breeding operation. VooDoo had 22 points last year as a yearling.

We will also offer some of our foundation does A.I.'d to the legendary 300" 30-30. We will A.I. these does for the fall of 2010. We only have 6 left so place your order now.

Email me at daddyo@whitetailrackranch.com and check our website at www.WhitetailRackRanch.com.

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