Thursday, April 22, 2010

Temporary Exclusion Fencing for Food Plots

I had some previous experience with electric fencing to exclude mule deer in the Texas Panhandle. A client had problems with mule deer entering her lawn area and devastating her flowers. She had a large yard on a lake in a canyon and planted $100's in flowers every year only to be destroyed by the mule deer. I installed a single 1" wide electric tape using rebar posts and screw-on insulators. In the years following until they moved, deer only entered the property twice. Once when the fence controller malfunctioned and once when a guy installing Christmas lights unplugged the controller.

I've tried it on one of my food plots for my white-tailed deer. I still have to tweak it but very few deer have compromised the barrier. I wouldn't use the fence as an inclusion fence but to keep them out I think it should work pretty well. The electric tape flutters in the wind and the deer walk up and touch their noses to it to check it out. Zap and they're gone. I've had a couple go under the fence without touching it but will make some changes in the next few days. I'll update you soon.

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