Monday, September 21, 2009

Herd Dogs

We recently added 2 Great Pyrenees dogs to one of our deer pens. We've been very pleased so far. These were grown dogs that had been with goats. We started them off in a pen without deer but next to pens that had some. They tolerated the dogs after just a few days. The Pyrs never barked at the deer or chased them along the fence. After moving them to a pen of whitetails my fears of the deer becoming alarmed and bouncing off the fence have been dismissed. I still wouldn't put them in a confined setting like an alley or small holding pen together but in a larger pen they do quite well.

These great white dogs have a long history of herd protection. They are very gentle and calm. I haven't witnessed it but everyone that has experience with them says they can be vicious in protecting their territory. They were bred to fight bears and wolves while protecting sheep in France. If they can do that, then surely I won't worry about dogs or coyotes getting in the pens. We plan to expand our dogs to include them in every pen.

If you want more information, feel free to contact me or Google them. Here is one link with some facts about this great breed. The website is

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  1. Another thing about the Pyrs is that they are aggressive to two-legged intruders too. They should have the temperament to allow a new person into their territory accompanied by their owner but they generally won't tolerate an unwelcome intruder who enters alone.